Why I’m Blogging

I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog as a way to give back to the blogging community.  I’m constantly trying things from other people’s sites, but I also get ideas from old magazines or come up with ideas on my own that I thought others might like to try as well.  What really pushed me to start the blog now is that my mom was diagnosed with cancer this past summer and needed some caps to cover her head after she lost her hair with her chemo treatment.  She and I are both sewers, but I was recovering from an appendectomy and she was recovering from a radical hysterectomy, so neither of us had the energy to make her some caps.  She took some from the Sunshine room at her hospital that had been donated by other sewers with the intention of donating some of her own when she was feeling up to making some.  However, we have had trouble finding a good pattern that she likes.  We decided to reverse engineer her favourite cap and make some slight modifications.  I want to post the pattern and tutorial on this site in hopes that others will find it if they also want to make a simple but comfortable cotton chemo cap.


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