Egg Carton Insects

I remember as a kid making caterpillars out of egg cartons, so last year I decided to do a little twist and make some ants.  They turned out well, but I did most of the work.  I think Danny painted his, but he got me to do the face legs and antennae.  This year I thought little lady bugs might be cute, so I set up the stuff and got ready to make some lady bugs.  The thing is, as Danny gets older he has more ideas of his own, so when I presented the idea of making egg carton insects, he immediately suggested making butterflies.  I wasn’t prepared for that, but decided to go with the flow.  Anna on the other hand wanted to make a caterpillar, which actually worked out well because she only wanted to do the painting part.  She was able to occupy herself longer with a 6 egg caterpillar than she would have with a one egg lady bug.   So, I didn’t have any enlightened ideas in the heat of the moment for the butterfly wings, so we just cut some out of construction paper and glued the is to the egg carton butterfly body.  Danny had a great idea though to decorate his wings.  He used the left over “spike” that gets cut out from between the egg holders, dipped it in paint and used it as a stamp.  I’ve displayed the part on the bottom right corner of this photo, although you can’t really tell what it is.  It just made a cute square stamp that added a little extra fun to the decorating process.  We used pipe cleaner for the antennae, which Danny then painted to make them extra special.

This was a fun and easy craft that didn’t require anything that we didn’t already have in our craft box.