Get Well Soon

This is a bit of an aside from my usual posts, as it’s not about something that I made, but I thought it was worth a post as it’s a really neat idea if crafty people want to try it on their own.

My son recently had eye surgery to help correct his strabismus (lazy eye).  The day surgery pamphlet that we got from the hospital warned us not to promise our child “fatty food like hamburgers, french fries or chicken nuggets”.  Hmmmm, I wonder which restaurant they are targeting…Regardless, what they really don’t want you to do is fill your child up with fatty food after they have had a general anaesthetic as that will usually cause the child to throw up everything they’ve eaten. We got this pamphlet about a month before Danny’s surgery date, so I had a while to mull over something special that we could get him that wouldn’t violate any of the hospital’s recommendations.  A week and a half out Blossomsform his surgery date I still hadn’t come up with anything when I noticed a small shop in the same plaza as my bank.  It was called Blossoms – Fresh Fruit Arrangements and I knew that I had just stumbled on the perfect get well gift.  I was able to pre-order and have my mom pick it up on the day of the surgery so that it was waiting for us when we came home from the hospital.  I know it would have had more of a wow-factor for Danny if he had been able to open his eyes for more than a blink at a time, but he was still impressed and he really enjoyed eating it 🙂  It was fairly pricey, but considering we got a lot of tasty fruit and it helped to lift the spirits of a miserable four year old, it was well worth it.