Star Mobile

As I mentioned in my cocktail umbrella wreath post, we had a rainbow themed party for my son.  One of the decorations that we did for the dining room, was to spice up our light fixture with a star mobile.  This is basically the same craft that I did in my Butterfly Mobile tutorial, but I made it a little more pro this time because it wasn’t just a whim.

Here’s what I used:

  • Craft foam in various colours
  • scissors
  • elmer’s glitter glue
  • crayola glitter glue
  • vinyl thread
  • needle

I cut out craft foam stars in 6 different colours and had my kids decorate them using glitter glue.  I then used clear vinyl thread to attach them to the light fixture.  I used a needle to get the thread through the foam and tied a double knot so the thread wouldn’t pull all the way through.  I then tied the other end to the light fixture.  This gave the illusion that the stars were just hanging in mid air, which definitely impressed the 5 and under crowd 🙂


Cocktail Umbrella Birthday Wreath

My son’s fifth birthday is a little over a week away (and his birthday party  a little under a week away…), so we have been busily crafting up decoration and party favours.  My next few posts are all going to be party related, although most of the ideas aren’t really exclusive to birthdays.  This wreath, for example, is not birthday related unless you add the age in the middle as I have done.

My son’s preschool invited students from the local university to come and do a segment on colour theory.  My son loved the activities and was really taken with colours and colour mixing.  When it came time to decide on a birthday cake, he chose one that was very colourful and rainbowesque, without being rainbow girly.  I decided to have a rainbow colour themed birthday, but not have the rainbows.  Instead I’ve mostly stuck to stars and shooting stars in rainbow colours.  With that in mind, I browsed Pinterest for rainbow wreaths and came up with quite a few really nice ones.  My son then got to pick his favorite, and he picked the cocktail umbrella on from Family Chic.  It may be a little too girly for some boys’/men’s taste, but whatever.

Here’s what I used for mine:

  • a 10″ grapevine wreath
  • two packs of parasol picks (aka cocktail umbrellas)
  • fishing line
  • nylon thread
  • printed 5 on cardstock

Here’s how I made it:

  1. open up the parasols and stick them into the wreath.  Yes, it’s that simple.  I used 28 to cover my wreath.  I didn’t do anything to secure them in place.  The picks go all the way through the wreath and stick out the other side, so I was worried that when I put the wreath against the door, they would all get pushed out.  Luckily they don’t, so I didn’t have to do anything to keep them in place.
  2. I thread a piece of fishing line through the metal hoop that came on the wreath to hand the wreath on the door.  I thought of doing a fancy ribbon, but since it’s for a boy’s birthday I decided a big fancy bow wasn’t quite right.
  3. I then printed off a number 5 onto card stock.  I let Danny choose from all my digital scrapbooking kits and he liked the plaid 5 from the Primary Grunge kit by A Work in Progress.  I cut out the five and used a needle to thread a piece of nylon thread through the card stock.  I then tied the other end of the thread through one of the vines, and voilà, a 5 that is magically hanging in the middle of the wreath.

Coat Hanger for Kids

We’ve been living in our house for almost two years now and there are still tons of things I want to do to make it more livable.  When we first moved in, we thought we would only be here for two years.  That meant that it wasn’t worth doing a lot of customizing.  However, we found out in April that we would be staying here for at least another year, most likely another three years, and possibly as long as five years.  I felt that that was enough to make it worth my while to start customizing.

There are a ton of things that I love about our house, but the front entry way is not one of them.  When you first walk in our door you see the stairs up to our top floor.  Immediately to the right and left are doors into other rooms.  Our front closet is just a little further down on the right in the hallway that leads to our kitchen.

This doesn’t leave a ton of room for storage of all our “front hall stuff”.  Ideally, I would love to have a mud room, but that’s just not going to happen in this house.  One small thing that I realized I could do, was to make a small kids storage area.  I waited to find a nice set of hooks on sale, then had my husband install them in the hallway that leads to our kitchen.  This small set of hooks is at just the right height for little kiddos to put away their own stuff!  The fun part is that they actually like taking care of their own things now that they can actually reach them.   I was a little worried that the hall was too narrow, and that we were always going to be bumping into the coats and back packs.  Luckily that has not happened and it doesn’t obstruct traffic flow at all.  Now I just need a good idea for storing mitts, hats etc in the winter.  Any suggestions?