Decorative Key Holder

We had a key holder in our last house, but it was screwed into the wall, so was left as part of the purchaser’s agreement.  So, I had been without a key holder for almost two years.  I didn’t loose my keys THAT often because I carved out a little space on the top shelf of the closet, but it definitely wasn’t as convenient as a key holder.  Luckily, I joined Pinterest, and found a great idea for an easy, inexpensive and unique key holder.  It was one of those Pinterest posts that didn’t actually link to anything, so I’m going to do a short tutorial here.


  • 7″x5″ art canvas
  • small screw in hooks
  • cotton fabric
  • staple gun
  • two large head nails
  • hammer


  1. Cut the fabric into a rectangle about 3″ wider and 3″ higher than your art canvas
  2. Centre the fabric on the canvas, flip the canvas over and fold the extra fabric to the back of your canvas.
  3. Use a staple gun to secure the fabric to the canvas.
  4. Screw in 4 small hooks to the bottom of your canvas.  The wood used to make the canvas should be soft enough to allow you to do this by hand.
  5. Hammer the two nails into the wall  wide enough apart to support the two top corners of the canvas.  As you can see, they were a little too close together on my first try 😉
  6. Hang your new key holder, and enjoy always* know where your keys are.

*well, almost always


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