Rainbow Birthday Cake

*Note:  I started this post back in June, but then decided to take the summer off, so I will now finish this post and will start posting more regularly again.

I really wish I had a better picture of this cake, but we were so busy with all the birthday party preps that I really didn’t get a chance to do too much photography!  I didn’t know how the stars on top were going to hold up, so I just added them a few minutes before the party started (I literally put the last one in moments before the first guest arrived).  As it turns out I could have easily done them first thing in the morning and they would have been just fine.

This is the inside of our beautiful rainbow cake.

I also didn’t take any photos of the process, so I don’t have a great tutorial, but I will share my recipes and a few tips I learned along the way.

I’m fairly new to fondant covered cakes (this one is my third), and I found out the hard way that not all cakes are a good choice for covering with fondant.  My first one ended up being a little saggy around the middle… So, when I went to make my second one, I looked for a more dense cake.  I was doing a lady bug cake for my daughter, so I also needed something that was going to hold up as a dome and could possibly be sculpted.  I turned to google and came up with this recipe:  http://allrecipes.com/recipe/whipping-cream-pound-cake-2/

Not only is it sturdy and forgiving to work with, it is also delicious!

I didn’t really think out my plan before I dove into making this cake.  I knew that I had three round 8″ pans, so I knew I would have to do two rounds to make the 6 coloured layers that I wanted.  I mixed up the cake recipe (just a single recipe, which proved to be a mistake) and greased and floured my three pans.  With the idea to save myself a few dirty dishes, I decided to pour half the batter evenly between my three pans and then colour the batter once they were in the pans (mistake #2).  The problem is that once the batter was in the pans I realized I couldn’t really mix very well because I didn’t want to mess up my grease/flouring job…  These were my red, orange and yellow cakes.  As you can see from the picture they actually turned out alright, but I still wouldn’t recommend this method.  Too stressful!  So for my next three cakes I poured the remaining half of my batter evenly into three bowls.  I then added the blue green and purple colouring.  This is where I started to run out of batter.  No matter how good you are with a spatula,  you’re going to leave some batter in the bowls and some on the spatula.  This is why my top three layers are considerably more thin than my bottom three.  Oh well, none of the five year olds at the party complained 😉

I baked the cakes three at a time for about 10 minutes (first batch a little longer, second batch a little shorter).  I let them cool in the pans for 10 minutes before turning them out onto my wire cooling rack.  I let the pans cool completely before re-greasing and flouring for round two.

I’m not going to go through all the details of assembling and decorating the cake.  There are tons of other tutorials that are great and have lots of pictures or good videos.

I will say that I wasn’t sure how well the fondant stars and the fondant 5 would hold up, but they did just fine.  I rolled the fondant quite thick for cutting those shapes.  I then inserted florist’s wire into each of the cutouts.  I let them harden over night and then inserted them into the cake.  I wrapped the ends in aluminum foil, as the wire I used wasn’t food grade and I didn’t know if it had some coating on it that might leach into my cake.

All in all I was very pleased with how the cake turned out.  Danny helped me with every stage (including decorating) and we had a really great time with this project.


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