Pipe Cleaner Kaleidoscope

This is a fun and easy little toy for the preschool set (okay, I played with it for quite a while the evening that I made it).  If your kids like kaleidoscopes, they are sure to enjoy this toy.  I didn’t have any plastic containers lying around, so I’ve used a glass one, but next time I have an empty peanut butter jar I’ll switch this over.  My kids are old enough not to break this one, but I think the magnet will be stronger through thin plastic vice thick glass.Pipe cleaner magnet jar

All I did was cut up twenty piece of pipe cleaner into fairly small pieces (3/4″-2″) and put them in a jar.  I gave my kids the jar and a strong magnet that I pulled of the fridge.  Voilà, hours of fun!  I got the idea from Pre-school Play on Blogspot.

When my 4 year old tried it out he almost immediately asked if we could try it with pom-poms, so that was the perfect segue into a very basic discussion about magnets and what they will/will not attract.

This was a real hit with both my 4 year old and my 2 year old 🙂

pipe cleaner kaleidoscope


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